Some people may ask why do you have this new blog? I thought you have a blog already. Well I do but that is for other businesses that I do and this one is a completely different income stream that I want to focus on.

I must stay FOCUSED!

The other website I have. Which you can see by clicking here is my site for alot of projects, especially with links and redirection. This site is focused on my Partnership to Success with John Thornhill. I do not fully know all that I will achieve but my hope is that after 60 days I will have a product done or nearly done that will be launched and I will better the lives of many many people. I want to give value to people. There are SO many internet marketers out there just trying to make a fast buck and not provide value. I have purchased many many products through jvzoo and warrior plus and clickbank and other places that gave me nothing close to what was promised in the sales copy.

After many years of being encouraged to stop spinning my wheels on the reseller bandwagon I finally agreed. I have resold other people’s products and now it is time for me to sell my own products and represent my brand. What is that ? No idea yet but I will learn. Most likely it has something to do with things I am passionate about already. I am a nerd and a geek. Most people are not but need nerds and geeks at times in their life to do stuff. So thanks for being with me on this journey and we shall see where it leads.

Michael Markuson
Michael Markuson

I am a husband. I am a dad. I am a nerd.

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    • Pauline Harris

      Hi Michael
      I am on this journey with you. I have been trying for a while now, so I am hoping that being on John’s course will finally do it for me.
      Keep on going, Michael.

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