About 10 years ago I was unemployed and needing to earn money to make a living. I had 13 weeks of unemployment to survive while I figured things out. I dug deep and went into the mode of focus intensity.

I was up early and and went to bed late. I was online and looked at all kinds of things that could work. I reached out to many so-called internet leaders and gurus. If they were successful I wanted to ask them how they got there and what they could do to help me.

After many emails and a few weeks, One man got back to me. That person is Jim Cockrum. I knew of him as a successful internet marketer and that he was really big with selling online. He told me about a new course he made with the help of his people called Proven Amazon Course. I was immediately impressed and intrigued. I had my course of action. I knew I needed to do this.

Family helped process FBA shipments.

Within a few short weeks of instruction in the course I put it to action and we sent in our first box to send to a warehouse. WOW! That was easy. We were doing ebay and shipping out 25-30 packages a day at the time and homeschooling a few of our children and with this FBA method we just process and ship it all to one of the Amazon warehouses. Amazon takes care of shipping it out to the buyer when it was purchased. The concept sounded amazing and it is. Within a few weeks we had our first sale and within a few months I was surpassing my pay from my last job. As I type this blog post 10 years later in 2020 I have not worked a 9-5 job since and do not ever plan to. You do not have to either. Here is an ebook that could help you achieve this also. Click the image below..

If you decide to proceed with selling online please contact me on facebook or email or somehow because I need to let you know a few things that would help.

Michael Markuson
Michael Markuson

I am a husband. I am a dad. I am a nerd.

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